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Change your lifestyle for the better. Improve the health of your body, your mind in the process, and free your spirit from within. SHRED the last few pounds off your body for good.

Extreme Shredding is not about starving yourself, it's about eating the right balance of foods in reasonable quantities which are more than enough to sustain your body. You would be receiving two meals per day for four weeks, with a nutritional plan included to help you understand your diet in more detail. Because all LD meals are made with real food and are not heavily processed, your body can extract all the nutrients it requires. This package can benefit your health in many different ways from improving and encouraging weight loss, to the mental clarity and nutritive vitamins that are included in the meals.

LD Nutrition has taken away the guesswork and hassle of eating a healthy diet, it's so simple you won’t believe it.

  • Female plan £200 2 meals per day for 4 weeks - free written nutrition plan included
  • Male plan £220 2 meals per day for 4 weeks - free written nutrition plan included


What to do

    1. Create an account when you check out

    2. Our nutritionist will be in touch via email to advise and recommend a food plan to suit you. You'll also discuss likes, dislikes and any allergies you have. 

    3. We will prepare a food diary and manage your meals for the full 4 weeks.


    We're with you on this journey, and once we get you going, all you need to do is collect your meals from your chosen pick up point at the time you choose. Don't worry, you've got this!