Iveridge Results Package

We have teamed up with Iveridge Gym to provide you with the nutritious meals you need for completing your twelve-week transformation. Our friends over at Iveridge can provide you with workout methods, and we can assist you by providing your meals. 

You will receive 10x meals for the week, five lunch meals and five evening meals. 

We recommend people around 8-10st (50kg-63kg) to purchase the small package, 10-14st (63kg-88kg) to purchase the medium package, and 14st+ (88kg+) to purchase the large package. 

Transform yourself for the better. Invest in Meal Prep and change your lifestyle in many different aspects. 

This weeks package consists of the following:

5 Delicious Macro Meals - Hand-Picked Randomly by our in-house Chef

plus these tasty dishes:

Balsamic Honey Skillet Chicken
Broccoli, Cauliflower & Pasta Cheesy Bake
Chicken Hotpot served with Roast Potatoes

OnTheGo - Sriracha chilli chicken thighs, spicy rice and mango chutney
OnTheGo - Beef kebabs, noodles with mint yogurt and lime