Gainers Package


Looking to gain some mass and bulk up for winter? Then we have the plan for you. Delicious mouth-watering healthy meals that make it easy to Eat Like A Beast!

  • Store credit applied to your account
  • Guilt-Free delicious meals available for delivery or collection

*Bonus: We give a free nutrition plan with all our Gainers Packages to guide you on the best meals to choose in order to achieve maximum gainz!

    What to do

      1. Create an account when you check out

      2. Our nutritionist will be in touch via email to advise and recommend a food diary to suit you

      3. Your store credit is applied automatically so you can start ordering your meals straight away. The details will also be emailed to you.

      *We'll email you a nutritionist created plan for you to follow, however, we do not restrict your use of the store credit. You may order whatever you want.