Weight Loss Meal Plan Subscriptions

Is 2020 the year you challenge yourself to achieve your ideal body?


Are you serious about losing weight and kicking fats butt (pun intended!), well then, we challenge you!

  • Eat a well balanced, nutritionally rich diet
  • No need to starve yourself - lose weight while still feeling comfortably full
  • Our meals taste as good as they look, prepared fresh for you
  • Remove the guesswork - plans created for you by our nutritionist

Challenge yourself to be the best version of you

We've put together an amazing weight loss program - we manage your diet every step of the way. It's so easy, the only thing you have to do is to jump on the scales once a week in the comfort of your own home and we'll send you your meals.



LD Nutrition Weight Loss Plans


What makes our weight loss plans so great?

Our diets are about balance!

We don’t starve you or make you do hours and hours in the gym. Get your diet right and you will see results its that simple. LD meals are made with real food and are not heavily processed so your body can extract all the nutrients it requires. You will feel Fab and look great!

LD Nutrition has taken away the guesswork and hassle of eating a healthy diet, it's so simple you won’t believe it!


Prefer to choose your own plan and billing amount?

  • Choose your billing frequency AND your billing amount
  • Discuss your goals with our nutritionist and receive a plan to suit
  • You decide how much to budget for your meal prep
  • Go small or go big - you decide!
  • Perfect for couples, families or cohabitors

LD Nutrition Flexi-Meal Prep Plan