Making Your First Order

When ordering for the first time we know there are a lot of options! 

Firstly it's good to think of what your goal is, if it’s weight loss or your moving into a healthy eating lifestyle to have more energy during the day, you can always choose one of the Easy-Pick Packages to get you started. You'll get a wide variety of different meals and get to experience all the flavours our kitchen has to offer. 

From there you'll start to get a taste for what you love, and many of our regulars transition into 'free-hand' picking their favourites after a few rounds of the Easy-Pick. 

As well as professionally trained chefs in our kitchens we have a nutritionist as part of the team who is able to make tailored recommendations and give advice on which meals could be right for you. Why not reach out to us to arrange a call today?

The next thing to know is the wide range of meals we offer at LD Nutrition: 

Main Menu Meals

If you love variety then you’ll find a huge selection of meals in our main menu. Chef original recipes as well as traditional favourites like Bangers and Mash and Spaghetti Bolognese. 


On the Go Meals

For people looking for a lighter meal, our ‘On The Go’ selection is made just for that. Salads and lighter meals that don’t need to be heated, they are perfect for lunch times and times where you have even less time than usual. We know how busy you can get! 


Macro Meals

Do you care about details? Then macro meals are likely to be just what you’re looking for. Our macro meals break down the meals into carbohydrates and proteins so that you can choose what suits you. 

Macro meals are suitable for gym-goers who are working towards a specific goal - whether gaining weight or losing weight we’ve created meals with you in mind. Anyone who wants variety of macros through the week depending on how active you are each day. 

If you’ve recently started a healthy eating kick and want to stick with it as you increase your exercise and activity these meals will help with workout recovery and stop those hunger pangs setting in on the days you’ve worked hard. 


Weekly Specials

As professional chefs we’re always creating, and we understand the challenge that meals should be interesting and need some novelty to keep us excited about them. So our team come up with new recipes and meals every week so there is always something new to choose from. 

Our weekly specials are rotated so don’t worry if you find a favourite you’ll be able to order it again in the future! 


Waste-Free Wednesday

Every Wednesday we post on our Facebook group our selection of meals that are sold as a package. You don’t get to choose what’s in your waste-free wednesday collection as we put this together for you. At LD Nutrition we are committed to reducing food waste in our kitchens so if you want to help us with this, you’ll always be able to pick up some LD treats at fantastic value every Wednesday. 

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