How It Works

When you are new to meal prep, it can be hard to know where to start, especially as our menus are big and we pride ourselves on delivering variety so you don’t be bored eating the same thing over and over (unless you want to!)

First of all, if you’re thinking about freeing up time, reducing your decision making and want to give up spending hours in the supermarket trying to decide what you want then meal prep is for you. 

If you’ve also been feeling tired, not sleeping well, suffering from heartburn or are trying to lose some weight then meal prep is also for you. 

LD Nutrition exists to help you reach your goals!


You can get started straight away by adding meals into your basket, most customers order lunch and dinner and so between 10 - 14 meals is an average. You can choose from different categories or choose all your meals from one category, that is up to you!

If you want them fresh every time then remember our meals are kept in the fridge for the first 3 days, if you don’t expect to eat them in this time then we recommend they are frozen, where they will last for up to 2 weeks.


When you’ve checked out you’ll be able to select the store that you’d like to collect from, we have over 15 stores and you can find a full list of them here. We’ll tell you the day that the order is ready for you to collect. 

We have recently introduced delivery to customers local to our Leeds and Wakefield bases. So anyone with a Wakefield or Leeds postcode can also select delivery straight to your door. 


 Many of our customers order weekly and include both lunch and dinner to keep their eating simple, we do all the hard work, you just meet us on location to collect it.  

If you’ve ordered more than 3 days worth of food, select the ones you’re going to save for later and put them into the freezer (where they will last for up to 2 weeks).



Most of the meals (except the ‘On The Go’ meals) need to be heated up for you to enjoy. 

Take the lid off and rest it back on top of the container, place it into the centre of the microwave and set timer for 3.5 minutes (800W). Ensure the meal is piping hot all the way through before consuming.