About Us

LD Nutrition first opened it doors in 2015 when Lee, a professionally trained chef began making meals for himself for the week ahead. And then friends and gym buddies also asked for some meals to be prepared for them and soon after a business was born. 

LD Nutrition was born out of wanting to deliver convenience without compromising on health. Healthy meals can be prepared ahead of time and can be made to deliver nutrition as well as great taste and freshness. We’ve never compromised on freshness and that's why our meals only last for 3 days before they need to be eaten or frozen for later in the week. 

Freshly prepared meals by professional chefs at LD Nutrition

Our first kitchen was opened in Featherstone and then Castleford soon followed with there now being over 8 chefs working in the LD kitchens. Each one of those chefs are exactly that, chefs. They are professionally trained and are used to the demands of the professional kitchen. The LD Nutrition meals are prepared as if going out from the kitchen into a restaurant, beautifully dressed and thoughtfully balanced. Lee doesn’t take short cuts, and each meal that is prepared for you is prepared to a professional standard, with each one getting plenty of TLC.

We can’t talk about our head chef Lee without talking about Dawn - the two founders who make up the L and D of LD Nutrition and have expanded the business from one kitchen to three kitchens and over 15 collections points in the last few years. Dawn is often the friendly face you’ll speak to on the phone or at the other end of an email. Without her, the business wouldn’t be half as organised as it is! 

Professional Chefs for meal prep at LD Nutrition

A passion for meal preparation was born out of the belief that nutritious food shouldn’t be a chore, it shouldn’t be hard to find the time to feed the body and mind with the right things. But in this day and age, we understand that it is. There are several meal prep companies in the UK and Lee and Dawn saw an opportunity to deliver professional chef quality meals, keeping the process simple, great tasting and a guarantee that their food will be a boost to the body and mind.