Top Tips for DIY Healthy Eating

At some point or another most of us feel that we need a healthy kick and look to join the trend of healthy eating. Healthy eating is said to be more like a lifestyle choice that a diet or a short term change. Short term diets usually lead to people seeing good results in the mirror and then piling the weight back on as soon as their eating goes back to ‘normal’.

The key thing to remember when changing how you eat is that you are the most important part of the equation. You can read online about trends and recommendations but you will still need to tweak it to suit you or speak to our nutritionist to get a personalized plan.

We’ve put together some tips to help you get started and keep you on the right track to make long term changes.


Rethink your fridge


So you are looking to eat healthily but your refrigerator is full of temptation - those sugary and processed snacks are there to knock you off course even if you’re buying them for other members of your family. We recommend changing the way you eat together, as a household - it makes it easier for everyone! Start with the fridge and clear out all the junk food and replace it with fresh real food and healthy snacks.


Stick Together

Eating healthy is hard when everyone around you is regularly munching on the food and snacks you are trying to cut out. It might help to discuss your healthy eating goals with your family and friends so that they can offer support and know not to offer you snacks that might throw you off course. That way, they won’t surprise you with pizza or offer you biscuits every time you have a cup of tea.


Plan Your Meals Ahead

You can get a meal planner online or create one yourself, but knowing what you would eat and when you should eat it goes a long way when you are trying to eat healthily. The next step would be to stick with your plan, but if you really want to do this, staying focused should be easy.
Planning your meals ahead by ordering pre-prepared meals is an easy win that allows you to avoid temptation in the supermarket as well as save time in the kitchen.


Buy measuring cups

Have you read about how the colour and size of your plate can change your portion sizes. It's strange how even the shape of the plate can mean you could be accidentally having bigger portions that you need to suit your health goals. Gauging with your eyes could mean that you are piling calories up when your goal is to lower them down. Investing in measuring cups, using the same plate and bowl for each meal or ordering a standard portion size with our meal prep helps you to get consistency in your healthy eating plan and not do something different every meal.


Cook it yourself

You’ll be amazed how much progress you’ll make on your healthy eating journey when you start cooking for yourself. You can choose your ingredients yourself and carefully match your nutrients into appetizing bowls of healthy goodness. Cooking yourself also makes it easy to keep tabs on your calories and avoid repetition. You wouldn’t be the first person to tell us it's hard to cook for one, we agree! That's why we split our meals into individual portions it's much easier to stay consistent that way.


We know it's not easy!

As with everything else, making the choice for healthy eating will require determination and persistence. You might not always succeed but to use these tips on a regular basis you can replace bad habits with good ones and begin to see the difference in how you think, look and feel. The difference between people who win with healthy eating and those people who ‘yo-yo’ is how they respond to falling off track. A healthy eater working towards their goals gets straight back on track when they fall off. A yo-yo dieter falls off the track and it can easily turn into a bad day, weekend or month until there is enough guilt (or added weight) until they eat healthily again. If you choose healthy eating; stay committed and on track and you’ll see the results quickly.

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