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The market is saturated with diet and workout plans and it can be daunting when entering that world for the first time. You’ll have a lot of questions, the main one, which is the best one? Well due to the sheer amount of them it’s likely that most will have pros and cons. You need to find the one that best suits you. We’re all individuals and there isn’t a one size fits all plan. 

At LD Nutrition you can tailor the meals to you, pick them up yourself or have them delivered to you. We’re all about you and what we can do for you. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing a new meal plan, but there are factors that you should take into account. And we’re here now to discuss these factors. Let’s get into it.

Who is in the competition?

For the sake of this blog we’re going to be comparing LD Nutrition to Nottingham based Muscle Food. Muscle Food sells high-protein food and snacks, lean meats and sports supplements. 

For both you are able to tailor the meals to whatever your goals may be. You aren’t restricted by what you can and can’t order. LD Nutrition offers main meals, quick meals and an easy-pick package. You can choose a variety and decide what you like or don’t like and reorder again.   

Here at LD Nutrition we also cater to a wide range of ages, from teens to specially selected meals for the older generations. We know that health and good food is important no matter your age. 

We offer many pick up locations for those in Yorkshire. And for those of you with a Leeds or Wakefield postcode there is a delivery service. Imagine that, having your freshly prepared meals, delivered straight to your door! 

Being a local company that aims to feed our community we support local produce and local businesses. Teaming up with Castleford Street Kitchen and Elite Kids Coaching to ensure that good healthy food is available to all. 

Weight Loss Subscription Packages 

LD Nutrition offers a female or male weekly plan as well as female and male monthly meal plans. You receive 2 meals a day and our nutritionist will contact you to make sure you’re eating the right foods and the right amount for your weight loss goal. It’s really as simple as that. 

What’s even better is that you can use our flexi-plan. This means you can choose your billing frequency and your billing amount. You can discuss your goals with our nutritionist and in return, you’ll be provided with a plan that suits you. You can go as big or as small as you need. There are no judgements here! The flexi plan is recommended for couples, families or friends who want to try this together. 

We at LD Nutrition love having a family-friendly feel to our food and our community. We’re here for you and want to do everything we can to make mealtimes better for you. 

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