How to Track Your Goals

Why It’s Important to Track Your Goals 

It’s a Progress Reminder 

Tracking your goals reminds you of how far you have come, where you’re at with your goals and how far away you are from reaching your final goal. This can be super helpful when you are feeling stuck or lost with what to do next in order to achieve your goals.   

It’s Motivating 

Seeing how far you’ve come can be motivating. Sometimes it’s hard to see how much progress we’ve actually made. This can make it hard to keep going because you don’t think it’s making a difference and you may lose hope. However, having clear evidence of how much progress you have achieved can prove to yourself that what you are doing is working. 

It Keeps You Focused  

Tracking your goals can help you focus on them in your day to day life. We know life can get busy and distracting so your focus can easily get lost but having them there in front of you might help you out with this problem.

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How to Track Goals

Keep a record

Keeping a record of your goals in a diary or in a calendar is probably the best way to track your goals. With this, you can easily see what you have achieved already, what you need to achieve and how far away from your end goal you are.  

Use an App

Apps can be very useful for tracking your goals. There are several apps you could use that are all good at tracking for you and giving you reminders. If the app is on your phone it’s with you all the time too, so you can have your goals next to you at all times.   

Plan Ahead 

Have a plan in place that will let you know roughly how long your final goal should take to reach. It also means you can set smaller, weekly or monthly goals to get a sense of achievement more often which might help keep you motivated. Creating a plan can also be motivating, if you’ve said to yourself that you’re doing this particular thing at this particular time, you’re far more likely to actually do it.

Make Goal Tracking a Weekly Activity

It’s important to stay on track with tracking. Losing track could easily throw you off, lead you to miss goals or not achieve all the goals you were hoping to within the time frame you set for yourself. 

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How to Set Achievable Goals 

There is no point spending time setting goals if they are unreachable. You should probably stay realistic when it comes to setting your goals. A good rule of thumb is to use SMART when setting your goals. 

  • Specific 
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

  • How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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