Healthy Snacks For Keeping in Good Shape

Snacking is detrimental to our health… A controversial statement but there, I said it. 

Supermarkets, corner shops and every other place that has food products for sale keep snacks prioritised. We see our favourite snacks at the counter, the doorway and at the start of every aisle. Advertisements and billboards have them on full display, even light-up in the dark.

The food industry is pushing snacks in every direction, which makes us ask the question: why?

The truth is that snacking is not unhealthy. The process of snacking is actually a great way to provide our bodies with energy, a small kick to get us through the day. It’s the actual snack that affects our health and when the most popular snacks are biscuits, doughnuts and packets of crisps, we need to put an end to this madness once and for all!

Let’s discuss the healthy snacks to replace your regular, harmful snacks with and why snacking can be unhealthy in general. Prepare your own snacks and stop contributing to Nestle, Cadbury’s and Pringles. 

Why Snacking Can Be Unhealthy

Like we said before, snacking is not unhealthy. It’s the actual food that’s the problem. The typical snacks we see on the front aisle at the supermarket have a high caloric-density. This basically means that these snacks are very high in calories but not in quantity. 

That’s one of the reasons why we’re usually still hungry after snacking and has led to us eating more calories than intended. 

Another reason is the ingredients themselves. The snacks we see on the shelves are usually processed and are jam-packed with artificial sweeteners, sugar (even the savory snacks) and sodium, and too many of these ingredients can have extreme adverse effects. 

Healthy Snacks For Weight-Loss

If you’re wanting to lose weight, it’s best to avoid unhealthy snacks such as those high in sugar, fat or sodium. However, there are plenty of snacks that provide the same relief to our taste buds whilst actually being beneficial to our bodies:

Fruit & Veg 

This is an obvious one, as we’ve all been lectured about fruit and vegetables since the day we were born. However, people still underestimate the benefits of eating fruit and veg. 

For a start, they’re filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, essential chemicals for our bodies to function properly. Secondly, they vary in size, taste and shape. There’s always a meal that your favourite fruit or vegetable can be integrated into.

Lastly, and most importantly, they are very low in calories whilst being extremely filling, the exact opposite of most snacks. 

Nuts & Seeds

If something has the power and potential to grow an entire tree, it must be good for our bodies. Nuts are known as a healthy snack, rich with protein. However, seeds are also a healthy snack being crunchy and tasty whilst also carrying many important vitamins and minerals.

Seeds can also assist in reducing blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in general. A super-food hidden where we least expect it.

Dark Chocolate

This is one for the chocolate lovers. It’s one of the most popular dessert foods in the world and has captured the imagination of kids and adults for over a century. We all love chocolate, despite how many times we’ve been told it’s bad for us. 

Let me tell you a little secret: dark chocolate is actually good for you!

That’s right. You can enjoy dark chocolate as a dessert, a snack or to keep under your bed for whenever there’s a crisis. Benefits of dark chocolate include an improved blood flow, lower blood pressure, improved brain function and a very powerful source of antioxidants.

It’s also a lot lower in calories than regular chocolate, making it a favourite healthy snack to help keep your body in good shape. 

Lunch Time Meals For Keeping in Good Shape 

Although healthy snacks are a great way to start your quest for health and well-being, your main meals are where the real work is done. This is where you’ll get the majority of your calories from and you want to keep them as low as possible. 

For healthy, delicious and nutritious lunch-time meals, why not try LD Nutrition? West Yorkshire’s finest meal-prep company, our Super 6 Meal Deal contains six snack-sized meals, perfect for bringing on-the-go and keeping your body nourished throughout the day. 

Check it out and see what you think, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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