Food And Exercise: A New Year Guide To Weight Loss

We all knew this was coming. That time after Christmas, after the sparkle and glitter of New Year has faded. The large family meals are dwindling and the wine is (finally) running dry. And now you feel like you need a break. A detox. A reward for all the eating and drinking that you have partaken in. It’s time to treat your body with some nourishment and some exercise. Now, I know what you’re have to give up everything that you love, but no, you don’t. We’re here to tell you that food is just as important as exercise...if not more.


Nutrition And Exercise

You are what you eat. A saying that we have grown up hearing, one that was maybe not always meant as a compliment. Whether you’ve said it to yourself or someone else has muttered it to you (mean) it’s not always something that we want to hear. But we can turn it around. We want to make you are what you eat a phrase you’re saying proudly. How? Well with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It’s really that simple.

Nutrition and exercise are both important when you are looking to lose fat and gain strength simultaneously. If you pick up good nutritional habits then this will greater impact your body and mind more than any exercise alone will do. No matter how much exercise you are doing, if you are doing this in an unhealthy way; eating too much junk food, not eating enough or overeating, then essentially all the time you’re putting in at the gym or all the time you spend running around the park is a waste. But when you implement the two in a healthy way you will be seeing results that you want to shout about. Don’t forget the more you exercise the more fuel your body needs. Why not fill it with what your body deserves. 

Your Body is Made in the Kitchen

With that said it can be challenging to get a grip on what you're eating after the festive rush. It can really feel like a withdrawal process as you're body has gotten used to regular snacks, high-calorie foods and grazing. You might feel hunger pangs from your body for snacks and have the habit of giving it to every hunger message. Remember it's ok to feel hungry! (Obviously not all the time!). If it's close to your regular mealtime and you're feeling hungry, perhaps have lunch a little early or if it's only halfway through the afternoon reaching for a healthy snack could be the perfect option. 

If you often still feel hungry after meals then have a look at your ingredients - do you have the right balance of macros for your body?

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