6 Ways to Reach Optimum Nutrition in 2021

The past couple of years have been eventful to say the least. Spending too much time indoors, comfort eating, we’ve been through it all… One thing common among the majority of people during lockdown is that their diet had been negatively affected

In these unpredictable times we’re living through, it’s completely understandable that we’ve treated ourselves to a few takeaways. However, now that lockdown is slowly but surely coming to an end, it’s time to get ourselves together again and get ourselves back to optimum nutrition.

We’ve talked it through and done our research. Let’s discuss how we can reach optimum nutrition this year, the most effective ways to do so. 

Less Snacking (Unless It’s Healthy!)

Snacking is something that always goes wrong when done too much. Calories build up, and although it might not seem like you’ve ate a lot at the time, a doughnut here and a cheeseburger there will add up inside and count towards more calories than you’d think.

Try and cut out unnecessary snacks and calories whenever you can. You can still eat snacks, and there’s always times when a snack is needed just for that little extra bit of energy, but cut out the ones you can live without. If you find yourself snacking after trying to cut down, replace your current snacks with healthier ones. 

Nutritious Ingredients

Have you ever eaten a ready-meal from the supermarket? If so, have you ever looked through the ingredients used at the back? You’d be surprised by the amount of unhealthy ingredients included in foods we often view as good for you. 

Remember that ingredients are important and using the right ones can help us get back down to optimum nutrition. Replace your unwanted and unhealthy meal ingredients with healthy, natural ones. 

Fruit & Vegetables

“Ew, disgusting” was some people's innate childhood response after being told to eat more vegetables. We don’t have excuses anymore, and fruit and vegetables are a necessary and nutritious part of our diet. Humans for centuries lived agricultural lifestyles, living off vegetables and fruit as their main source of energy.

Place vegetables and fruits in your diet by making them exciting with meals. Cook a delicious pizza and replace unhealthy toppings with vegetables. Prepare a desert of mouth-watering fruits instead of a bowl of ice-cream.

No More Fast-Food

Fast-food is all too common in society these days and we are bombarded with McDonalds advertisements whenever we open our phones. It is a hard switch to make, but giving up fast-food will provide your body with many benefits, such as increased concentration, energy and general well-being.

Try substituting your fast-food options with cooked meals instead. Swap your KFC for a healthier chicken option. Instead of Burger King, why not try a vegetarian burger?

A Balance of Everything

Most importantly, on your quest for optimum nutrition, would be to eat a balanced diet of everything. This means fitting in every food group, including fruit & vegetables, dairy, protein, sugars, fats and carbohydrates. This way, you are receiving essential nutrients from all different sources and are providing your body with everything it needs to survive. 

Grab a Bite & Try Our Meals From LD Nutrition

We know that adjusting to a new diet can take time. However, after a few weeks of hard-work and discipline, you will be on your way to optimum nutrition. 

A problem many face throughout their journey is meal-prep and the time it takes to do so. Cooking is time-consuming and spending too much time in the kitchen can be un-motivating as a whole.

Why not try our flavourful, body-nourishing meals? Hand cooked by our in-house chef, the meals can be delivered to anywhere in the LS and WF postcodes in England and will save you a lot of time, money and energy on your journey to optimum nutrition. No stress included. 

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